Spring Break, pt 2 – Bracing the wind in Zurich

After two days in Munich, my grandmother, aunt, and I boarded the train to Zurich, Switzerland. All I knew about this European destination was that it is ranked no. 4 on the list of World’s Most Expensive Cities and that it is famous for its fondue (I think this was the part I was most excited about. Then again, anything involving food gets me excited).

Living abroad was my excuse to not care one bit about the insane amount of calories I was consuming.
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We arrived in the Swiss city early in the afternoon and walked 10 minutes to Hotel Adler, a relatively small establishment that is attached to the popular restaurant Swiss Chuchi. We walked into our room and were greeted with candies and postcards bearing the restaurant’s name. By this point, the three of us had already made a mental note to make reservations for dinner.

Postcards and candies welcomed us to our hotel room.
Postcards and candies welcomed us to our hotel room.

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3 Countries in 1 Week: A Whirlwind Spring Break – Munich, pt 1

Yes, I know it’s September 2nd, and you’re probably wondering why I’m so far behind the times and talking about Spring Break. I guess you could say the trips happened faster than the blogging, and now that I’m back at school to start my senior year, I am officially committing to a regular writing schedule. We’ll see how long it lasts before I get bogged down with assignments, but here’s hoping that my impending senioritis stays away for just a little while longer. So, here we go.

Give it a month, and then the senioritis will be rearing its ugly head.
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Two months into my study abroad adventure in Prague, my grandmother and aunt flew over to take me on what would soon become an unforgettable spring break. Our itinerary, which had been mapped out by a helpful AAA agent back in January, consisted of the following cities:

  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Salzburg, Austria

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