Eating in London: 6 Places to Check Out

After three years apart, I finally traveled back to Europe for a two-week multi-country vacation. I’m still experiencing the post-vacation blues and figured the best way to cope was to share everything I ate, drank, and saw in each of the countries.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to experience the local cuisine. London’s food options didn’t disappoint, so I thought it best to kick off my vacation recap with details of what I indulged in. Enjoy!

1. The Green Man – Fitzrovia

After 10 hours of travel, this was a chain pub that was a convenient 5-minute walk from our flat. Although I prefer to avoid chain restaurants when traveling, the fish & chips I ordered was just what I needed after a long flight.

Tip: Food and drink must be ordered at the bar.

Food (top): Chicken and Smoked Bacon Club
Price: £7.75 (~$9.50)

Food (bottom): Fish & Chips (ale-battered cod with triple-cooked chips)
Price £12.25 (~$15)

fish and chips with tartar sauce and paired with beer
London knows how to do a proper fish fry.

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boston sunset

Boston’s Back Bay: A Day Well-Spent

Boston, MA was officially added to my bucket list of places to travel to when I sat down to watch the 2004 film Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Although this film mostly focuses on locations in Boston that support Fallon’s fanaticism with the Boston Red Sox, i.e. Fenway Park, I figured the city would be well worth my time to check out.

boston red sox fever pitch
If you haven’t seen this rom-com yet, please do yourself a favor and check it out. Fallon is as funny as ever.
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Plus, it was only a 6-hour drive away from my hometown of Rochester, NY.

So, I rented a car (my poor Subaru, Doris, is unfortunately on her last legs) and shipped up to Boston (song lyric reference intended) to visit my friend from college.

After a full day of driving, I made it to Quincy, MA, a town just outside the city where my friend lives. It was about a 45 min-hour train ride from the city on a good day, and the plan was to commute into the city together in the morning. We’d then part ways as she’d head off to work and I’d spend the day exploring Boston’s Back Bay area, where her office building is located.

jimmy fallon elmo dance
How I felt after safely arriving in Quincy and the knowledge that I’d get to explore the city the next day sunk in.
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Although I only explored Back Bay, I got a taste of Boston that has me itching to go back one day and explore other areas of the city.

Let the following locations and food choices serve as recommendations for you the next time (or first time) you’re in Back Bay.

I was welcomed to the Boston area by this gorgeous sunset the night before I commuted in to explore. 

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