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23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years

I’ve had almost three weeks to ruminate over what I would write for this post. 19 days to be exact. In these past 19 days, my 23rd birthday has come and gone. It waved hi and bye like a old acquaintance you run into at the grocery store, someone who doesn’t bother to stop and chat.

I think Ilana from Broad City said it best when she stated, “23 is such a nothing birthday.”

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Ilana in Broad City explaining the lack of significance in turning 23.
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I’m officially at that age where there’s no special significance tied to turning another year older. And yet I feel like it’s another year where I’ve learned a great deal. For the past few years, I’ve thought about writing a listicle of sorts where I share what I’ve learned in my relatively short existence. I just never got around to it because if you ask me, coming up with over 20 things that I’ve learned is pretty damn hard.

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Beach Essentials: Gearing up for Florida

I’m a week and a half away from jetting off to Florida on a red eye flight, and I couldn’t be more excited. Although it’s been uncommonly warm these past couple of days, I’m going stir-crazy in the cold weather. I’m sick of wrapping myself up in so many layers to leave the house, sick of brushing the snow off my car, and sick of wearing long-sleeves.

To get through these rough winter days, one of the songs I’ve had on repeat is “T-Shirt Weather” by Circa Waves.  It’s high time that I no longer just “remember” t-shirt weather like the lead singer belts out.

It’s time for me to BE in t-shirt weather.

Anyways, since I’m a serial over-packer with a penchant for packing items no one in their right mind would ever fathom needing on vacation, I’ve started making a list of the beach essentials that I’ll need to relish these five days that I’ll be spending soaking up the Florida sun.

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I have never related more to a Jenna Marbles video than when she explains how girls pack a suitcase.
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It’ll be a miracle if I actually stick to the list, but I have high hopes.

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