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Monday Motivation & the Power of Mantras

So, there’s this habit I have. It’s a half habit of sorts that’s itching to find a permanent home in me like the tattoos that adorn my body. The only thing holding me back is this element of fear each time I try to fully commit to it.

I have the habit of reading productivity and success articles and then not incorporating any of the suggestions into my own life. Advice like doing morning meditations, keeping a gratitude journal, and waking up in the early hours of the morning to write simply exist as fleeting thoughts in my mind. I’d love to be able to turn these thoughts into actions, but there’s this heavy ball of fear and doubt that rolls around in my head and convinces me that these habits won’t work for me.

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Things I Thought About on My Run Today

I think one of the main reasons I love running so much is that I’m able to just be inside my own head. I can let my thoughts wander without having to worry about getting distracted by texts, emails, or side conversations.

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What I hope I don’t look like when I run.
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I also seem to do my best writing when I’m out on my run. I think of post ideas, things I’m too afraid to actually type out, random musings that maybe one day I’ll have the courage to actually publish online.

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