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Paramore is Back: Reminiscing in Honor of New Single & Upcoming Album

I still remember the day my best friend and fellow soccer teammate introduced me to Paramore. We were in the 7th and 8th grades respectively, sitting in the back of a school bus on the way to one of our middle school soccer games.

“You ever heard of Paramore?” Taylor said as she leaned across the bus aisle.

“What’s that?” I replied, half-listening as I paused my music and pulled one of my earbuds out.

She leaned over and had me listen to “Misery Business,” the band’s highest-charting single until “Ain’t It Fun” claimed the title in 2014. From that moment on, I was obsessed.  I couldn’t stop listening to the band’s intense guitar solos, and I was enthralled by the empowering vocals of Hayley Williams, the band’s lead singer.

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Since being introduced to the band 10 years ago, I’ve remained a fan. That’s 10 years of witnessing the group gain and lose members, release new albums, and change their sound – one that still can’t be confined to a single genre.

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7 Songs to Know This Week

There are so many songs I discover week after week that it becomes difficult to narrow down a list of favorites to just seven. But, seven feels like a good number to start with, one for every day of the week to hold you over until the next round of tunes.

I’m also still recovering from the fact that Spotify removed its inbox feature that allowed you to directly send songs to specific followers. That inbox had become a ritualistic part of my work day. I’m always listening to something when I work, and I relied on the ability to share whatever I discovered that day with various co-workers. To now have to G-chat them a direct link seems like such an unnecessary hassle to me (First World problems, I know).

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The moment I found out Spotify removed its inbox feature. ‘Disappointed’ would be an understatement.
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So, hopefully this sharing of songs every week will help to dissipate the feelings of disappointment I’ve been experiencing since Spotify decided to completely throw me for a loop. I’ll also pull out my favorite lyrics of each tune to feature on the list since it’s often a singer’s words that I’m drawn to the most.

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