Tavern on the green golden hour

NYC Restaurants: Two Places to Get Boozy in the City

If there’s one city that I’ll always jump at the chance to travel to, it’s New York. There’s just something about the constant hustle and bustle, the glow of the billboards and shop signs at night, and the gusts of wind that blow up from the subway grates that excite me to no end.Β There seems to always be new things that I discover every time I make a trip, and that’s probably why I keep coming back time and time again.

New York City rooftop view
Rooftop view of New York City taken during my second weekend there.

So for two weekends in a row last month, I ventured into the city with my study abroad roommates for much anticipated mini reunions. Since leaving Prague in May 2015, we’ve made it a point to see each other whenever the opportunity presents itself. Right now, we’re averaging a reunion every six months, and I think that’s pretty good considering two of them live out west.

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NYC Eats: BBar & Grill Wins at Comfort Food

I should really start diversifying my blog content and take a break from sharing food-related posts. But, it’s the middle of winter, and all I find myself wanting to do is head to the nearest restaurant to escape the cold and chow down on some delicious comfort food.

liz lemon talk to some food gif
How I deal with the bitter NY cold weather.
Image courtesy of giphy.com.

So, that’s what I did on my recent trip to New York City. Although it was an unseasonably warm day last Saturday when I trekked into the Big Apple, there’s just something about food tours in a different city that excite me to no end. Plus, New York has an endless amount of places to check out that it probably would have been a crime if I didn’t cross a few more eateries off my bucket list.

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