It’s time to plan a coffee shop road trip

I’m sitting at my kitchen table as I write this blog post thinking, “If only I could pour myself a cup of coffee right now.” Unfortunately, it’s almost 10:30pm, and any amount of caffeine in my system at this hour would result in me watching Bravo TV till the early hours of the morning.

My morning routine summed up in a gif.
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Coffee is such a staple part of my being that I’m surprised I haven’t written a post about it yet. It’s a welcome aroma after a tough morning workout, an energy-booster during an afternoon slump, and a delicious nightcap after dinner. I purposely ignore all those health cleanses that urge us to cut back from coffee.

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“Rain Dance!” & other memorable Phillip Seymour Hoffman moments

I woke up Sunday morning with the hopes that the day would be filled with both relaxation and excitement. I planned to lounge around in my dorm room, to eat copious amounts of chicken wing dip, and to cheer for the Broncos on their quest for the Lombardi trophy.

But, the morning of Super Bowl Sunday was marred by the sudden death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an actor who possessed a rare amount of talent that radiated with every character he portrayed. Hoffman was a native of Fairport, NY, a suburb of Rochester only 25 minutes from my own hometown. My friend’s mother and her brothers went to high school with him, a claim to fame for a small town resident if there ever was one.

Since I first found out Hoffman was a Rochester native, I’ve been a fan of his work. It’s funny how the small connection of simply being from the same area as him put his acting on my radar. I have yet to see all of his works, but I now plan to make my way through his filmography. Death has a way of increasing the worth of a celebrity; I’m just one of many who are now probably watching his films with newly discovered fervor.

The most recent of his films I’ve seen is the latest addition to the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. According to reports of his death, Hoffman was set to wrap up filming of the last adaptation, Mockingjay. It’s a shame to lose a talented man so soon.

Hoffman and Woody Harrelson in Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
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I’ve seen many of his films over the past few years, including Moneyball, The Ides of March, and The Savages. After Hoffman won the Best Actor Academy Award in 2006 for Capote, I’ve been meaning to see that film as well.

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