Governor’s Ball 2018 Highlights

Watching live music is one of my favorite activities, yet I had never been to a full-blown music festival. Unless you count Warped Tour (which I don’t), my knowledge of the festival experience was limited to what I saw as I scrolled through my Instagram feed.

Now, I can proudly say that’s no longer the case. The first weekend of June, I flew down to New York City for Governor’s Ball, the annual music fest that takes place only a quick ferry ride away on Randall’s Island Park.

Let’s just say that three full days of nonstop music, drinks, food, and walking around is beyond exhausting and proof that I’m clinging tightly to my youth. The majority of the crowd was comprised of rowdy, drunk teenagers who spent more time posing for selfies than they did actually watching the artists. Thankfully with acts in the lineup like Third Eye Blind and Gaslight Anthem, there was still a decent-size older crowd (that was much calmer, might I add).

Would I do a full 3-day festival again? My wallet and body would like me to vehemently say no. What I would consider doing in the future is buying a single-day wristband to see a handful of artists on my radar.

Despite the exhaustion and the shrieking teens, it was a fun weekend packed with a number of highlights. Below are just a few snapshots, which will hopefully entice you to attend a music festival of your own at least once.

governor's ball balloon tree
Obligatory music fest photoshoot. By the end of the weekend, most of these balloons had deflated from the heat.

Governor's Ball balloons
Whoever was assigned to hold these balloons all day, I’m sorry.
Governor's Ball sign NYC
There were no shortage of Insta-worthy places at the fest.
Maggie Rogers singing live
We were front row for Maggie Rogers‘ set, and I’m an even bigger fan of her now than I was going into the weekend.
Halsey Governor's Ball 2018
Halsey was another favorite of the weekend.
Silk City at Governor's Ball 2018
Diplo & Mark Ronson have formed a new duo called Silk City, and this was their first ever live show. Cue the dancing.
Governor's Ball food
Tacos and mac & cheese grilled cheeses were only a few of the foods we tried at the fest. The tacos looked prettier than they tasted but the grilled cheese hit the spot.
The Struts at Governor's Ball
We stumbled upon The Struts‘ set to kill time, and it was such a pleasant surprise. The lead singer is the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury and had an unbelievable stage presence.
NYC skyline at Governor's Ball
The New York City skyline provided such a pretty backdrop to the festival grounds.


P.S. For those of you who use Spotify, I’ve linked the artists mentioned above to their Spotify pages. Happy listening!

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