Eating in Prague: 5 Places for a Great Meal

Time to hit you with some more food photos (sorry, not sorry). After two full days in London, my family and I headed to Prague, Czech Republic for the next leg of our trip. I had studied abroad in the city three years prior and was every bit as excited to show my family around.

It felt like coming home.

letna park overlooking Prague
This is still one of my favorite views (Letna Park overlooking Prague’s Vltava River) even when the trees and flowers aren’t in bloom.

It’s funny how your memory kicks in once you’re back in a place you love. I was able to recall how to navigate to the popular tourist destinations, dragging my family every place I could think of that held some sort of special meaning for me.

Food and drink is every bit a staple of Czech culture as you can imagine. Hearty meats, breads, and $2 beers quickly overtook my diet. And a stay in the city wouldn’t be complete without a Trdelník, a traditional spit cake made of rolled dough. It recently became a food trend after local shops began to stuff these pastries with ice cream (more on that in a future post).

My trip to Prague was defined by what I ate and drank. Because we checked out so many great places, I decided to break up the posts a bit. To start things off, here are 5 places to check out for a great meal.

5 Places for a Great Meal in Prague

  1. Restaurace U Sádlu

When I studied abroad, my roommates and I stumbled upon this place by accident because it was conveniently located on the same street as our apartment. Head down a flight of stairs and you’re suddenly underground in this medieval-themed restaurant. It serves traditional Czech food, and the beers are ridiculously cheap. I’m talking cheaper than water (which you have to pay for during sit-down meals). I had eaten here a handful of times, and my family agrees with me that it is worth the trip.

Food: Beef sirloin in cream sauce with cranberries and white-bread dumplings
Price: 195 CZK (~$9)

Drink: Budvar Dark & Budvar Bright (dark & light beer)
Price: 27 CZK  (~$1.20)

2. Cafe Louvre 

I had heard great things about this cafe and restaurant but never got the chance to check it out the last time I was in Prague. My family and I were on the hunt for a decent breakfast and a good cup of coffee. We found both at this place. It has the feel of a Parisian cafe, and the patrons were a good mix of tourists and local businessmen and women. Service was excellent, and menus were provided in both Czech and English.

Food: Omelette with Gran Moravia Cheese
Price: 79 CZK (~$3.60)

Food: Homemade pancakes with raspberry stew and sour cream
Price: 79 CZK (~$3.60)

Drink (front): Double coffee
Price: 60 CZK (~$2.70)

Drink: (back) Cafe au lait
Price: 60 CZK (~$2.70)

3. Alforno Focacceria

This is another place I first came across three years ago due to its close proximity to my apartment. It was a short 2-minute walk and when you live with roommates who all love Italian food, it’s hard to pass up. My entire meal was just as good as the first time, but what really made the whole experience enjoyable was the friendly nature of the server. He made us feel comfortable as tourists and cracked jokes to liven up the meal. Head here for a great dinner and pleasant conversation.

Food: Gemelli pasta with deer
Price: Unknown (menu has since changed)

Food: Ice cream with homemade biscuit
Price: 116 CZK (~$5)

Drink: Pinot Grigio “Blush”
Price: 87 CZK (~$4)

4. Joy Burger

Both my brother and dad love a good burger, so I knew I had to take them here. This restaurant is located on the streets leading into Old Town Square, so expect it to be busy with tourists and a little pricier. According to the menu, 100% of the beef comes from first-class Czech farms and contains no artificial flavorings or colorings. Again, this is another place that knows how to serve a good meal.

Food: Hangover beef burger with salad, egg, bacon, and tomato

Price: 245 CZK (~$11)

Hangover Beef Burger
I had never eaten an egg as a burger topping before, and let me tell you. If I was hungover, I’m convinced I would have been brought back to life. Delicious.

5. Restaurace Mincovna

This restaurant serves good food and drinks, but the price point can be a bit of a turn-off. You can’t beat the location since it’s situated right in Old Town Square. But because of this high-tourist area, the prices are much higher than other places where you could get the same quality meal at half the price. Would I eat here again? Probably not. Is it worth checking out once? Yes.

Food: Beef in cream sauce with Carlsbad bun dumplings and marinated cranberries
Price: 255 CZK (~$11.50)

traditional beef goulash with cream sauce and dumplings
Although this is was a prettier presentation and still enjoyable, I would opt for U Sádlu’s version instead.


More Prague recommendations to come. Stay tuned!

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