Things I Thought About on My Run Today

I think one of the main reasons I love running so much is that I’m able to just be inside my own head. I can let my thoughts wander without having to worry about getting distracted by texts, emails, or side conversations.

friends phoebe running gif
What I hope I don’t look like when I run.
Image courtesy of

I also seem to do my best writing when I’m out on my run. I think of post ideas, things I’m too afraid to actually type out, random musings that maybe one day I’ll have the courage to actually publish online.

It’s the fear of failure that holds me back. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I was young, this worry that what I have the courage to write or create will not be well-received.

I know, I know. This is a fear I need to get over, and I’m actively trying. There’s so much I could share and would share if I just jumped over this mental hurdle that’s standing in my way.

So, I figured I’d start somewhere and let you into the inner workings of my mind. Most of these thoughts I had while running today aren’t very profound (in fact they’re comical), and they certainly won’t enlighten you in any way. But, it’s in the process of sharing these thoughts that I’ll hopefully work towards a piece of writing that actually will enlighten or change you in some way – someday.

12 Thoughts I Had on My Run

  1. Here we go. Aiming for four miles, but I ate a lot of Reese’s peanut butter cups today so who knows if I’ll actually make it that far.
  2. I wonder if my co-worker will actually “start running again” this afternoon like she told me she would.
  3. Ooh look, a dog! I have no idea what breed that is.
  4. Can people actually see the Jesus fish all over my shirt because I feel like they’re staring.
  5. Shit, a cramp!
  6. Wow, I am so out of shape.
  8. I’m so pumped to be running again after this hamstring injury I’ve dealt with. You know what? To stay motivated, I’m going to think about every time I was injured and physically wasn’t able to run. That’ll teach me to be grateful! Hmm…I should write a blog post about that.
  9. My favorite part of running is exploring these neighborhoods and getting little glimpses into the lives of the people around me. What time do they get home from work? Do they have kids that they’re cooking dinner for right now? So many questions.
  10. Only half a mile left. I got this.
  11. They should really figure out some sort of technology to record these thoughts I’m having because there’s no way I’m going to remember every single one.
  12. Finished! Now, what should I cook for dinner?
running on road
Since it’s Throwback Thursday, here’s a picture from one of my warmer weather runs. Patiently waiting for it to be shorts temperatures again.



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