NYC Restaurants: Two Places to Get Boozy in the City

If there’s one city that I’ll always jump at the chance to travel to, it’s New York. There’s just something about the constant hustle and bustle, the glow of the billboards and shop signs at night, and the gusts of wind that blow up from the subway grates that excite me to no end. There seems to always be new things that I discover every time I make a trip, and that’s probably why I keep coming back time and time again.

New York City rooftop view
Rooftop view of New York City taken during my second weekend there.

So for two weekends in a row last month, I ventured into the city with my study abroad roommates for much anticipated mini reunions. Since leaving Prague in May 2015, we’ve made it a point to see each other whenever the opportunity presents itself. Right now, we’re averaging a reunion every six months, and I think that’s pretty good considering two of them live out west.

Whenever we get together, we always check out eateries that none of us have been to before. We’ve gotten so used to experiencing new cultures, foods, and sights together that it’s become second nature to keep these moments of discovery alive. It was only fitting that we do the same in the Big Apple.

And another thing we all have in common? We love to drink. Pour us a glass of wine, hand us a draft beer, or mix us a cocktail and we’re bound to have a good time. After living together for four months in a country that has the highest alcohol consumption in the world, you get used to having a few adult beverages with your meals.

Amy Poehler wine
My roommates and I whenever we get together. It’s a fun time.
Image courtesy of

So, we made sure to do just that by finding two places for food and drinks that I would recommend to anyone traveling to New York in the near future. Check out the specifics of each place below and be sure to add them to your bucket list.

Tavern on the Green 

This tavern (for lack of a better word) is conveniently located next to Central Park and has served as the backdrop for numerous films over the years. From the original Ghostbusters and Wall Street to Beaches and Alfie, the inviting restaurant looks literally like a scene out of a movie.

It was also a place that had been on my bucket list for quite some time, so when we stumbled upon it on our way out of Central Park, we knew we had to stop. Be sure to head outside for a gorgeous setting of hanging lights, comfortable tables, and a nearby bar that create the perfect ambiance for friendly gatherings.

Tavern on the green golden hour
View from the tavern at golden hour.
Tavern on the Green outdoor patio
Shameless solo pic.
Tavern on the green patio
My roommates and I on the patio.
Tavern on the Green lights
I couldn’t stop looking up at the hanging lights. They looked so beautiful against the evening blue of the sky.

The only negative part of our experience at the tavern was that draft beers weren’t being served at the outdoor patio while we were there. This meant we had to go inside and order from the indoor bar. We went during a very busy time of night and waited over 20 minutes for draft beer, something that shouldn’t have happened at such a well-respected restaurant.

But thankfully, the ambiance of the outdoor patio area made up for the poor quality of service that we received. My recommendation is to stick to a glass of wine or bottled beer if going out to the patio. The service should be much quicker.

The Malt House

This place was the holy grail of restaurants that we ventured to on Sunday morning. After a night of drinking and dancing, we decided that the only thing to cure us was the hair of the dog itself – bottomless brunch. Next thing you know, we hopped on Yelp, decided on The Malt House, and ventured to its location in Greenwich Village.

I am not kidding when I say this is the best bottomless brunch experience I’ve ever had. Not only was the food incredible, but the servers did not wait for you to finish you drink before refilling your glass. Oh no. They instead made sure that your glass was constantly full, something that was most definitely a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Another perk of the bottomless brunch was that you could switch between drink choices throughout the meal. I wasn’t limited to just mimosas for the two-hour time limit, but I was able to have my fair share of bellinis as well.

Enjoy the photos below and please make it a point to eat here the next time you’re in the city. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Malt House nyc
We decided to dine outside because the temperature was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees for a February day.
bottomless brunch the malt house nyc
Our mason jars of boozy beverages were never empty.
eggs benedict brunch
I ordered the Black Forest Benedict made with black forest ham, poached eggs, and this absolutely delicious avocado hollandaise sauce that I’m still thinking about to this day.
The Malt House brunch
An overhead view of the Black Forest Benedict and Slow-Braised Breakfast Burrito.
The malt house food
The view of our meal from another angle because it was just that good.

By the way, you could make your brunch bottomless for only $15 dollars on top of the price of your meal. Considering the amount of alcohol you’ll actually consume during those two hours, this is a STEAL.

I’m sure I’ll be back in New York before I know it and will be on the hunt for the next boozy place to experience.



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