Syracuse Food Tour: Two Places to Go For Breakfast & Bar Snacks

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve managed to cross off two new places on the Syracuse Food Tour List. One succeeded in bringing me back to life after a long night out while the other contributed to the hangover I would have the next morning. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

During these cold weather weekends, there’s nothing I’d rather do than try new foods from menus I have yet to look at. Add a few friends into the mix, and it’s a welcome treat after a long five days of work. Let me introduce you to Broadway Cafe and Shifty’s Bar.

Broadway Cafe 

This cute cafe is conveniently located down the street from my cousin’s house, and since you can often find us together on the weekends, we decided to venture here one morning after a particularly rough night at a local casino. Whenever I’m recovering from a night of drinking, I always crave breakfast sandwiches, and that’s exactly the type of food Broadway serves. From breakfast sandwiches and lattes to burritos and milkshakes, the cafe has something for everyone. There’s even a ice cream shop next store called Artic Island if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Syracuse cafe Broadway
The interior of Broadway Cafe

We managed to go to the cafe in between breakfast and lunch, which I’m assuming is why the place had yet to get busy.

Both my cousin and I ordered breakfast sandwiches that were beyond delicious. The staff was friendly, and both meals were freshly prepared and grilled in front of us.

My Meal

breakfast sandwich broadway cafe
Bacon, egg, and cheese on a wheat bagel ($3.95). I swear to God I thought this picture was crystal-clear when I took it. Blaming the hangover. 

Broadway also serves coffee from local roaster Recess Coffee, and it was a match made it hangover cure heaven.

Abbey’s Meal 

bacon egg cheese english muffin
Bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin ($3.95). Abbey repeatedly commented on how good the bacon was.


Shifty’s Bar

Fast forward to this past weekend where I decided to instead actively contribute to my impending hangover. Enter Shifty’s Bar, a hole-in-the-wall establishment that caters to an older crowd. It’s the kind of bar where if you dressed any nicer than a flannel and jeans,  you’d get stared at. There’s a stage in one corner for local acts to perform and a pool table in the other, the perfect setting for a low-key night out.

Would I go to this bar on a regular basis? No. Would I go for the food and to catch a live show? Absolutely. This past Friday, I met up with about seven other co-workers to cheer on one of our own as he and his band The Action! took the stage. It was well-worth the trip.

The Action! band
The only somewhat decent photo I got of The Action! all night.

My Meal

sweet potato fries
An order of sweet potato fries ($5.50) and Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale ($5)

Now, I was a little wary about the fact that these fries would be served with maple syrup as the dipping sauce. I typically just pair any type of fries with ketchup, but this switch-up was a welcome surprise. It’s a combination that I’ll willingly try again.

A couple of friends ordered their chicken wings with Frankenstein sauce, a mix of BBQ, ranch, honey, and garlic and a few other flavors. I made the grave mistake of not trying them, but I was assured that they were beyond delicious. I guess this gives me a reason to go back.

There has yet to be a food place in Syracuse that I absolutely abhor. So once again, do yourself a favor and satisfy your hunger/cure your hangover at Broadway and Shifty’s.





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