10 Songs to Know This Week

A couple months ago, I told myself that I’d share 10 songs each week that I’ve recently discovered or are currently obsessed with. Well, that fell by the wayside real quick as job applications became my main focus over the summer.

The gods answered my prayers and blessed me with a job, so I guess it’s high time I get back into this routine. So, there you have it. Check out the 10 songs to know this week, and listen via Spotify.

  1. “No Surprises – Stride Piano” by Ramin Djwadi 

If you’ve been watching the show Westworld like the rest of humanity, then you’ve probably heard this in the background of one of the episodes. Throughout the entire series, you’ll hear classical renditions of other popular songs like “Black Hole Sun” and “Black to Black.” If you’re on the fence about starting the show, do it for the music.

Maybe it’s the piano player in me, but I’m in love with this stride version. Compare this piece to the original by Radiohead, and the upbeat tune completely changes the meaning of the song. Obsessed.

Image courtesy of ScreenCrush.

2. “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by LoLo 

I first heard this song while watching the film I Give It A Yearand it has since popped up on an acoustic covers Spotify playlist. Although I’m not a fan of the original, I love this version because of LoLo’s smooth vocals and guitar solo in the bridge.

3. “Savage (feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX)” by Whethan

If you haven’t heard of Whethan, do yourself a favor and check out this 17-year-old powerhouse who’s been working with Skrillex.  This bass-heavy and synth-focused song combines the talented vocals of MAX and the additional production of Flux Pavilion to create a powerhouse anthem that will immediately wake you up.

Whethan Savage song
Image courtesy of youredm.com

4. “Down With Me” by X Ambassadors 

In 2013, X Ambassadors dropped the EP Love Songs Drug Songs with this song that I wish was more widely known. The talented vocals of lead singer Sam Harris shed light on the concepts of love and loss, creating a compilation of songs that are universally understood by all. Plus, the build-up and bridge in this particular song are worth the listen.

5. “Distance” by Mike Sempert

I love the steady build-up in this song that preludes a synth-heavy interlude. Sempert’s vocals remind me of artists like Foy Vance and William Fitzsimmons but accompanied by  slightly heavier instrumentals.

6. “Way Down We Go – Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC” by Kaleo 

I first heard this song in the trailer for the 4th season of Orange Is the New Black and immediately had to look up the band. Kaleo hails from Iceland and recently released their album A/B, and it features songs with driving downbeats like this one and also pretty folk songs that focus on frontman JJ Julius Son’s falsetto. I highly suggest listening to the entire album if you find the time. Plus their Spotify Studios recordings are excellent as well.

Refresh your own memory of hearing the song in the trailer by watching below:

7. “Hold You Back” by Ryan Hurd 

Ryan Hurd has quickly become my favorite country artist of the moment because each song he releases is better than the last. This latest one came out December 9th and highlights Hurd’s slightly twangy vocals that can appeal to more than just your average country listener.

maren morris ryan hurd
Fun Fact: As of right now, Ryan is also dating fellow singer Maren Morris. It’s a match made in country music heaven.
Image courtesy of soundslikenashville.com

8. “Blues Run the Game” by Jackson C. Frank 

This is yet another song that I happened upon because of the many tv shows I watch in my free time. Featured on the show This Is Us, the tune is by less well-known 60s blues artist Jackson C. Frank who’s backstory is one of the saddest I’ve come to know. Click here to read more about the artist and I promise that you’ll appreciate this song even more.

9. “Agnes” by Glass Animals 

In my opinion, Glass Animals is a band that is way too underrated for the talent its members possess. You can hear this song close out the band’s recently released album How To Be A Human Being. Frontman Dave Bayley says, “It’s epically sad. It’s a dark one but there’s optimism.” And that’s exactly what you’ll feel.

glass animals
Image courtesy of npr.org

10. “Different” by Only Yours

I just discovered this band yesterday, and they recently released this debut single in June. The indie-pop band hails from Toronto, and I’m hoping to see more good things from them in the future. I can’t get the synth interlude in this song out of my head.




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