Boston’s Back Bay: A Day Well-Spent

Boston, MA was officially added to my bucket list of places to travel to when I sat down to watch the 2004 film Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Although this film mostly focuses on locations in Boston that support Fallon’s fanaticism with the Boston Red Sox, i.e. Fenway Park, I figured the city would be well worth my time to check out.

boston red sox fever pitch
If you haven’t seen this rom-com yet, please do yourself a favor and check it out. Fallon is as funny as ever.
Image courtesy of

Plus, it was only a 6-hour drive away from my hometown of Rochester, NY.

So, I rented a car (my poor Subaru, Doris, is unfortunately on her last legs) and shipped up to Boston (song lyric reference intended) to visit my friend from college.

After a full day of driving, I made it to Quincy, MA, a town just outside the city where my friend lives. It was about a 45 min-hour train ride from the city on a good day, and the plan was to commute into the city together in the morning. We’d then part ways as she’d head off to work and I’d spend the day exploring Boston’s Back Bay area, where her office building is located.

jimmy fallon elmo dance
How I felt after safely arriving in Quincy and the knowledge that I’d get to explore the city the next day sunk in.
Image courtesy of

Although I only explored Back Bay, I got a taste of Boston that has me itching to go back one day and explore other areas of the city.

Let the following locations and food choices serve as recommendations for you the next time (or first time) you’re in Back Bay.

I was welcomed to the Boston area by this gorgeous sunset the night before I commuted in to explore. 

boston public library
The outside of the Boston Public Library was located within walking distance of my friend’s office building, so this was one of the first places I checked out.
Walk into the Boston Public Library and just admire the intricate architecture. These lions were situated right as you walked in the building.
My favorite part of the library was this outdoor courtyard that I peaked my head into. My only regret is not staying here for a little while longer.
suja organic juice
After walking around Back Bay for a while in 80-degree weather, I saw a Suja street team walking around handing out free drinks. I had been meaning to try this organic juice but was disappointed about the high amount of sugar in the drink. It was still delicious though as it quenched my thirst while I sat on the steps of the library.
Making my way to the Boston Public Garden.
Once inside the public garden, I was greeted by fountains and flowers.
Boston Public Garden pond.
I sat on a park bench and took in this view for an hour after walking around the city all day. It was a welcome break for my feet.
omelette boston parish cafe
My last stop of the day was the Parish Cafe, located two minutes from the Public Garden. My friend met me here after work, and we both got delicious cocktails and food. Pictured is my Woodstock cocktail made with lemon, mint, and rum and my cleverly named meal called “The Elephant Walking on Eggs.” It was a delicious sandwich of omelette-style eggs served on a French baguette and paired with a side of juliened vegetables. I highly recommend it.

Make a trip to the Back Bay area of Boston when you get the chance. Great food and great sights will make it worthwhile.



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