10 Songs to Know this Week

It’s time for week two of a new batch of selected songs by yours truly. I realized last week that I didn’t even tell you why I chose the songs that I did. I’m the type of person who likes hearing the stories behind why a song is important to someone, so I’ll be sure to include little tidbits about each week’s selections from now on.

This week, I’m excited to share another mix of songs that spans multiple genres and will most likely not appeal to everyone. But, I encourage you to broaden your horizons. It’s Wanderlust Wednesday after all, so explore my world of music if only for a brief moment.

Okay, so Nicole Richie is actually referring to the fact that she’s very short, but pretend she’s talking about exploration.
Image courtesy of giphy.com.

Mix for April 6, 2016:

  1. “Transformation” by David Gray 
    • I first heard this song on an episode of Private Practice, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Gray’s lyrics are a comforting blanket of reassurance that despite the upcoming changes I’ll face in my post-grad life, everything will turn out okay.
  2. “Model Behavior” by Mack Keane 
    • This song was just released last Friday and bares striking similarities to Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids.” So, for those of you still waiting on the next Frank album, let this hold you over.
  3. “Hang” by Matchbox Twenty 
    • I was on a Third Eye Blind kick at the beginning of the week, and this song came up on Spotify’s Third Eye Blind radio station. Now, I’m revisiting 90s alternative and remembering why I love it so much.
  4. “Hello” by Stephen 
    • Disregard that Stephen slightly resembles Charles Manson on this album cover, and listen to an awesome cover of Adele’s “Hello.” He even throws in lines from her hit “Rolling in the Deep,” crafting a cover that sounds just right.
  5. “Funeral” by Lukas Graham
    • This guy’s album dropped last Friday, and he has firmly established himself in my list of current favorite artists. Graham’s lyrics in this song accurately describe how I want everyone to be at my future funeral – wasted and together to celebrate a life well-lived.
  6. “Wind In Our Sail” by Weezer
    • Weezer is well on its way to becoming one of my favorite bands. Growing up, I knew their most popular hits like “Buddy Holly” and “Beverly Hills” but didn’t spend my time freely listening to them. Their new album Weezer (White Album) has changed that. I love the topics of summer and California that are showcased in the lyrics. They make me wish I lived anywhere but Upstate NY where it just recently snowed.
  7. “Summer” by Marshmello
    • I picture myself sitting in the bow of my boat when I listen to this song. Strictly instrumental, it makes me ache for summer days, warm weather, and refreshing wine slushies.
  8. “Angela” by the Lumineers 
    • Yet another one of the Lumineers’ new songs came out this past Friday, and I feel obligated to include it on this playlist. I have yet to hear a song from them that I dislike, and I’m patiently waiting until their next album comes out.
  9. “Somewhere On a Beach” by Dierks Bentley 
    • Can you tell I’m aching for summer? Here’s another song that makes me wish I was exactly where the title states. Apparently, the song’s music video is a continuation of Bentley’s “Drunk on a Plane” video, so check out both one day if you’re bored.
  10. “St. Ides” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    • To me, this is a song about finding yourself and remembering where you came from. I also discovered the title references a malt liquor drink that I have yet to try. Macklemore is one of the few rap artists I can tolerate, mostly because his lyrics actually strive to tell a story and have an impact on listeners.

Listen to all the songs below:



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