10 Songs to Know This Week

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that it often pains me to just sit in silence. I always have music playing in the background of my daily life. Whether it’s to get me through a tough run or to accompany me during my work day, I crave sound.

Me all day every day.
Image courtesy of tumblr.com.

My mother often illustrates the point that it’s good to sit in silence sometimes, and I wholeheartedly agree. But, if I had the choice, I would choose music over a few moments of silence any day.

To fuel my obsession with sound, I’m constantly on the hunt for new music. God bless Spotify’s Discover tab because I’d be stuck in a constant wave of Top 40 music without it. And if there’s one aspect of my life where I have “hipster” tendencies, it’s with music. I’m fueled by songs you don’t hear on the radio, and I will gladly listen to almost any genre.

Coupled with my love of music, I also spend a good portion of my time dabbling in playlist curation. Every time I craft a selection of road trip tunes or create weekly mixes of discovery for my friends, I can’t help but to wish I grew up during the time of mixtapes – the OG playlists.

Some of my favorite songs I’ve discovered have been because of Grey’s Anatomy. My dream job would be to choose the music in any and every tv show I watch.
Image courtesy of blog.peopleschoice.com.

So, to help with my need to curate music, I’ve decided to create a “10 Songs to Know” playlist on Spotify that I’ll update weekly and publish here. If you’re like me and constantly need new music, I hope you can look here and be enlightened.

Each week, there will be a mix of songs both old and new and from multiple genres. One of my favorite genres is Indie/Alternative, so you’re likely to encounter that style. But, according to this article, Indie fans are the most open-minded about music, so I guess liking that genre is a good thing.

So, here you go – 10 Songs to Know, playlist #1



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