10 Thoughts I’ve Had Since Realizing There’s Only 50 Days Until Graduation

This past weekend, members of St. Bonaventure University’s Class of 2016 gathered together to celebrate the fact that only 50 days remain between now and when we walk across the stage to accept our diplomas. I was excited to attend the event, but the realization that the end of my college career is fast-approaching has brought about a wave of mixed feelings.

Anxiety, fear, excitement, uncertainty, and an inkling of hope for the future have taken up residence in the back of my mind, tucked into the corner like a child who’s been put in time-out.

Am I ready to enter the adult world? Will I find a job post-graduation? What if I don’t find a job, and I have to live with my parents forever?

Don’t even get me started on my impending student loan debt.

Since I’m a big fan of gifs (I regularly use them when texting), the only fitting way to highlight my thoughts about the future is to make use of the image format once again.

So without further ado, here are 10 thoughts/feelings I’ve had since realizing I only have 50 days left until I graduate.

  1. Fearing that my degree audit is lying and I that I haven’t taken all the necessary credits to graduate
Image courtesy of giphy.com.

2. Wondering if that job application cover letter I just sent has a typo in it

Image courtesy of reaction.club.

3.  Thinking about the prospect of living with my parents for an extended period of time after graduation

Image courtesy of chasingmyextraordinary.com.

4.  Feeling a creeping sense of anxiety that I know nothing about managing my personal finances

Image courtesy of nursebuff.com.

(Dad, you’ll still be available if I have questions, right?)

5.  Applying to jobs in different cities and getting excited about the prospect of living in a new place

Image courtesy of theodysseyonline.com

6.  Thinking about landing a job that will actually require me to use the knowledge I’ve been gaining these past four years

Image courtesy of tumblr.com.

7.  Realizing that I’m going to have to say goodbye to my roommates and my off-campus house very soon

Image courtesy of goodreads.com.

8.  Rethinking the thought of living with my parents for bit because there will at least be free food

Image courtesy of brocku.ca

9.  Experiencing waves of sadness that I’ll be leaving the university I’ve grown to love

Image courtesy of thedailygopher.com.

10.  And finally – feeling that undeniable sense of hope and excitement for this fast-approaching next chapter of my life

Image courtesy of meghansawyer3.wordpress.com.



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