Poké needs to make its way to the East Coast – right now

Back in January, I was given the task at work of researching upcoming trends in the food industry for 2016. A few of the trends I came across included root-to-stem eating, new condiments, and snacking.

When I talk about any type of trend.
Image courtesy of missmonet.net.

But, the one that caught my attention is poké. Pronounced “poke-ay,” the Hawaiian food consists of raw fish marinated in a sesame sauce and typically served over a bed of rice. Food served in bowls is also trending right now, so it’s only fitting that poké is served in the dish. Read more about the “new sashimi” here and here.

You’re probably wondering why out of all the food trends this raw fish appetizer would appeal to me the most. Well, it has officially made its way to the West Coast, and I had already booked my ticket to Los Angeles for spring break at this point.

Spring break in California = getting on board with the latest food craze.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The minute I got off the plane, my friend took me to Venice Beach, and we waited a half hour for a poké bowl that was well worth my patience. The restaurant is conveniently named Poke-Poke, and it has four stars on Yelp might I add.

Saving my appetite until this very moment was the best decision I made all trip. Thankfully, we got in line just in time before it got overly crowded.
Naturally, we headed to the beach to enjoy our poké bowls. I ordered the restaurant’s Original with rice, green and white onions, and sesame oil/seeds. I also added avocado for an extra cost, but who doesn’t love avocado?


Jordan and I were both happy to be reunited and happy to be finally eating poké after what seemed like a never-ending wait.

When I got back to upstate NY, I searched for poké at both Walmart and Wegmans for shits and giggles. My search returned zero results. Zero.

Come to the East Coast, poké. I need you to be in the prepared foods section at Wegmans so I can relive my West Coast adventures. And let me clarify what I mean by East Coast. Yes, it has made its way to New York City, but poké has yet to start trending in upstate NY. So when I say “East Coast,” assume that it’s good ol’ Rochester, NY.

Therefore, I’ll be waiting patiently (like I did when I stood in line at Poke-Poke) for that day to arrive.


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