TURO’s “Road Trip Essentials” Campaign

I’m finally home from school for the summer and am kicking things off with an exciting post! I was recently contacted by TURO (formally RelayRides) to participate in their “Road Trip Essentials” campaign, so this blog post will be all about what I can’t live without when I hit the road. I had never heard of the marketplace prior to being contacted, but I now have a reason to plan a road trip.

TURO is a “peer-to-peer car rental marketplace” that helps car owners and those in need of a set of wheels connect with each other. The company’s website states that you should think of the service as “Airbnb for cars,” an easy and affordable way for you to rent or list a vehicle for use.

Thank you RelayRides for your genius service.
Image courtesy of pandawhale.com

I perused the site out of curiosity and couldn’t believe how cheap some of the car listing prices were. My friend recently asked me to plan a trip to Florida for her, and I found a car listed at only $26/day. To say that I haven’t spent the last week planning my own road trip would be a lie. Even a broke college student like myself can cough up that amount of money without flinching.

My thoughts after I saw how cheap it was to rent a car through TURO.
Image courtesy of j-14.com

For TURO’s “Road Trip Essentials” campaign, I’ve created a Polyvore board showcasing the items I can’t live without when I get behind the wheel. In addition, I also created a Spotify “Road Trip” playlist of songs, new and old, that I always have playing when I’m driving, no matter how short the distance I’m traveling. If anyone has song suggestions they think I must listen to while on the road, feel free to comment below! I’m a music junkie who is always looking for new tunes.

My Polyvore board below features a mixture of useful and frivolous items that I try to always have in my car, especially when I’m traveling long distances. Beneath the board are the product descriptions and prices. I’ve included my own thoughts on each item as well!

Morgan's Road Trip Playlist

This semester, I trained for a half marathon and found myself desperately needing a new pair of running shoes. I grew up always sporting Nikes, but my switch to Adidas has put the company on top of my list of favorite athletic wear. I try to run every day, so if I were to embark on a lengthy road trip, I’d try to log some miles. I’d have to find some way to stretch my legs anyways.

Old Navy flats sandals
No matter how much my dad encourages me to drive in sneakers, I’m notorious for just slipping on my flip flops and stepping on the gas pedal. During the summer, my feet are always sporting a pair, so it’s an added bonus that Old Navy’s flip flops are so cheap. And by cheap, I’m talking as little as $2.50 a pair, $1 if there’s a sale!

Last year, I found a Calvin Klein crossbody purse for a bargain price at Marshall’s, and I carry it with me everywhere I go. It houses my driver’s license, a road trip essential if there ever was one, and just makes carrying everything I need that much easier.

Similar to my Calvin Klein purse, I bought my pair of Steve Madden sunglasses at Marshall’s for a price I couldn’t pass up. There’s nothing worse than having the sun in your eyes while driving, so I always have at least one pair with me at all times.

Oyuna brown throw
$1,095 – amara.com
Ok, now there’s no way I would ever spend a grand on a brown throw, but I do have a brown sweatshirt blanket that I always use. This comes in handy whenever I’m not driving and am desperate need of a nap in the car. I just curl up in my blanket and snooze away.

H M white napkin
$2.53 – hm.com
Instead of H&M napkins, I tend to have an over-abundance of Dunkin Donuts napkins in my car due to the frequency with which I spend my money on coffee and bagels. They come in handy because I never fail to spill something at some point during my travels.

I recently travelled to Colorado to visit a friend and was amazed how much the change in altitude affects the body. I found myself drinking twice as much water as I usually did, especially when we drove up into the mountains. Suffice to say I have a newfound appreciation for water and carry a water bottle with me wherever I go.

These maps are on the Polyvore to symbolize Apple’s Maps app that has yet to fail me. I have a friend who is blessed to have what seems like an internal GPS, but I unfortunately don’t possess this skill. I’d be lost without my iPhone.

Dunkin Donuts’ Iced Coffee image courtesy of polyvore.com


Since heading off to college, Dunkin Donuts has become my favorite coffee chain, mostly because it’s the only one we have in the area. I may just be addicted to their iced coffees, and I make sure to always grab one before hitting the road to embark on my 2 and a 1/2-hour drive home from school.

image courtesy of polyvore.com

Clif Crunch Granola Bar


I always have these in my dorm room because they’re perfect for on-the-go eating. They also fit in my purse and help to stave off hunger on the road.

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generationimage courtesy of polyvore.com


Despite having an iPhone, I can’t seem to part with my 2nd generation iPod. It’s the first thing I grab as I walk out the door to my car because there’s nothing worse than hearing radio commercials throughout the drive. I’m constantly adding new music to it, and I rue the day when I have no storage space left.

White iPod Headphones image courtesy of polyvore.com


If I’m ever a passenger in a car, my headphones come in handy. I often put them in and listen to music when I want to sleep in the car, and it’s an easy way of tuning everything else out.

Marie Claire magazine image courtesy of polyvore.com


If there’s one vice I have, it’s that I’m a magazine hoarder. I can’t seem to part with any issues, no matter how old they are. I’m a pop culture fan, so any light reading I do is in a magazine. Plus, I’m one of those people who can read in the car without getting motion sickness.

Vogue magazineimage courtesy of polyvore.com


Vogue is just another one of my favorite magazines to bring in the car to pass the time.

Starbucks’ Multigrain Bagelimage courtesy of polyvore.com


I switch back and forth between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts’ multigrain bagels when I need to make a pit stop to eat. Carbs are my weakness, and they always will be.

image courtesy of polyvore.com

Revenge Wears Prada book


I finally got my hands on this book today and can’t wait to start reading. I’m a fan of Lauren Weisberger’s writing, and I know this will be yet another source of reading material for the road.

Nike USA Prestige Soccer Ballimage courtesy of polyvore.com


For the longest time, I had a soccer ball stored in the trunk of my car. Every time I hit the brakes, I’d hear it rolling around. I haven’t played soccer in quite some time, but kicking a ball around is a good way to stretch your legs after being cramped in the car. It’s time I put that soccer ball back in the trunk.

The 1975 CD Image courtesy of polyvore.com


Although I don’t own a copy of The 1975’s CD, I do have a few others stashed in my dashboard compartment. Right now, I have a couple mixed CDs and CDs by artists that include Paramore, Kitten, and Little Daylight. It never hurts to go back to the basics of a compact disc.

ChapStick Classic Cherryimage courtesy of polyvore.com


This is just another item I always have in my purse. Chapped lips are the absolute worst, so I always have chapstick on hand whenever I travel.


Of the items I’ve included on my Polyvore, my iPod Touch is by far the most important. Music is such a huge part of my life, and I rarely do anything without the accompaniment of a soundtrack. Driving is one of the top activities I do that demands music as its companion, so below is a Spotify playlist of my “essential” road trip songs.


Thank you TURO for asking me to participate in your campaign! I’ll be sure to make use of your car rental service in the near future. Let the road trip planning begin.



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