3 New York City places I now need to find thanks to Marie Claire’s Branché

Where did the time go? One minute it’s March 18th and I’m finishing my last blog post, and the next minute it’s April 2nd, and I still don’t know if the “bear” my friend saw outside her townhouse window was an April Fools’ Day prank or not. Let’s not even bring up the fact that I haven’t blogged in 15 days. My sincerest apologies to the people who read my blog. I’m getting my act together. I promise.

Right now, I’m sitting on my bed watching the newest episode of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: New York with my roommate. I had never seen it until this afternoon, and the inner New Yorker in me is squealing with joy. I might as well start learning what areas of the city I will not be able to afford to live in one day.

I plan to have this level of excitement even when I’m living in a crappy NYC apartment. Who needs a million dollar listing?
Image courtesy of wifflegif.com

Speaking of New York City, I successfully got my hands on a copy of Marie Claire’s sister magazine Branché! It turns out the publisher of Marie Claire saw my blog post of desperation in regards to the debut issue. Next thing I know, I receive in the mail a copy of the debut issue along with a long-sleeve Branché tee. I wore the shirt for the first time the other day, loud and proud I might add.

Marie Claire is the best.
Marie Claire is the best.

So between classes and work, I perused the magazine, learning the hot new places to be, people to know, and things to eat in New York. Here’s just a few mentions that caught my eye. I keep telling myself I need to plan a trip to the city as soon as finals week is over in May, and now I have an excuse to make it happen.

1. The Smile – 26 Bond Street, a café in the NoHo neighborhood

Branché includes  a “Girls on the Scene” feature that highlights the New York favorites of six fashionable and hard-working women. One of the women is Melia Marden, executive chef at The Smile.

Melia Marden, executive chef of The Smile.
Image courtesy of openingceremony.us

The magazine says the cafe has a “Mediterranean-influenced menu,” and the brunch menu sounds particularly appetizing. The prices aren’t as high as I thought they’d be. They might put a damper on my college budget, but it’s okay to splurge once in a while.

The outside of The Smile cafe in NoHo.  Image courtesy of twitter.com/thesmilenyc
The outside of The Smile cafe in NoHo.
Image courtesy of twitter.com/thesmilenyc

2. Swerve Fitness – 30 W. 18th Street

Swerve is a new cycling studio that stresses the importance of a team workout instead of an individual one. I was impressed with the design of their website and spent a good amount of time looking into their social media accounts. The studio boasts a unique type of spin class where the room is split into two teams who compete against one another for an additional motivation boost. And we all know we need one of those when we head to the gym.

The lighting captured my attention the most. It makes my gym look like a prison.
Image courtesy of Lisa Russman photography on swervefitness.com

I have yet to do my first spin class but am not a newbie to the team-style workout. I’d love to try this in the near future to take me back to my high school sports’ days. To say the least, I liked their Facebook page.

So chic. So clean.
Image courtesy of swervefitness.com

3. 61 Local – 61 Bergen Street in Brooklyn

Fashion writer Florence Kane, the co-founder of Jean Stories, lists this coffee shop as her morning coffee spot. The cafe / public house serves local food, beer, coffee, and wine in the Brooklyn area. Naturally, I looked at their menu and thought the “Yeti” danish sounded interesting. The menu lists it as a “delicate, flaky pastry filled with mascarpone, aleppo pepper, and cacao nibs.” Now granted, I don’t know two out of those three ingredients, but I’ll let my adventurous side come out when I step foot in the cafe.

A look inside 61 Local.
Image courtesy of 61local.tumblr.com
A close-up of the Carboy lamps hanging in 61 Local.  Image courtesy of 61 local.com
A close-up of the Carboy lamps hanging in 61 Local.
Image courtesy of 61 local.com

I hope there will be more issues of Branché released in the future because I’m sure there are so many great spots in the city that people know little if anything about. I look forward to finding these three on my trip to New York in May.


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