Angie Harmon’s drink suggestion puts a new restaurant on my radar

Once again, I’ve been slacking. Between my job off campus, classwork, and half marathon training, I barely have any time to just sit and relax. It’s been a challenge to find time to blog, hence my last post date of February 22nd.

But, I’m turning over a new leaf. I am now planning on blogging every Tuesday and Thursday. No exceptions. A new wave of motivation has come over me, and it starts today.

With that being said, I’d figure I’d kick things off by honoring the fact that it’s Rizzoli and Isles day. I started watching this show, which airs Tuesdays on TNT at 8pm, back in January and have since made it through all four seasons. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander star as a homicide detective and chief medical examiner who work together to solve a murder every episode. The show is sprinkled with bits of humor and the personal drama of both characters, making it one that is easy to get hooked on.

I bring up Rizzoli and Isles because Angie Harmon just appeared on Conan last week. During the interview, Conan mentions that he will soon be taking the show on the road to Dallas, TX, Harmon’s hometown. She then tells him that he must go to Mi Cocina, a Mexican restaurant in Highland Park Village.

According to Harmon, “They have an amazing drink there called the Mambo Taxi.”

So naturally, the drinks, coupled with Tequila shots, were brought out for them to enjoy during the interview.

I looked up Mi Cocina restaurant, and the Mambo Taxi was the first item listed on their drinks menu. Like Harmon said, it’s a mix of margarita and sangria that most definitely packs a punch. Food items on the menu include a selection of tacos and enchiladas that would pair quite well with the Mambo Taxi. I now know where I should go for my 21st birthday.

Mi Cocina restaurant in Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX.
Image courtesy of
The infamous Mambo Taxi
Image courtesy of

Thank you Angie Harmon for a new restaurant suggestion I can’t wait to try.


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