Half Marathons I have my eye on as I enter my 5th week of training

I knew I shouldn’t have declared yesterday my day off from the gym. Now, it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m all situated on my bed, and there’s a Walking Dead marathon on. Who would choose the gym over the Walking Dead? The walkers get my heart rate up enough.

My motivation on a Sunday afternoon.
Image courtesy of thisisdieting.tumblr.com

But, I have to make myself go. I’m in the middle of training for a half marathon, and today’s the day that I have to run eight miles. I keep reminding myself that I’m over halfway there. Only five more miles to go before I hit that 13.1.

My friend and I congratulate each other with every week of training we complete. Image courtesy of giphy.com

So, to motivate myself to get off my ass later this afternoon, I looked up the best half marathons to run in the U.S. When I complete my training in mid-March, I’ll most likely run a local half marathon. If all goes well, I hope to one day make a trip out of it. Here are races I’d like to do within the next few years.

1. The Hapalua – Hawaii’s half marathon

The word “hapalua” means half, and this race runs around Diamond Head and finishes at the Honolulu Marathon finish line of Kapiolani Park. It’s scheduled for April 13th this year and starts at the early bird time of 6am.

At the starting line of the 2013 Hapalua.
Image courtesy of thehapalua.com
Aerial view of Diamond Head in Hawaii. Runners make their way around the crater to the Honolulu Marathon finish line.
Image courtesy of anniejaffrey.com

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Both James Marsden and Jerry O’Connell have run this half, finishing just a second apart from each other. The possibility of running next to a celebrity is motivation enough to participate in this race. It takes place on October 26th, 2014, enough time for me to potentially save up for a mini CA trip.

Jerry O’Connell and James Marsden pose after completing the race in 2010.
Image courtesy of crazydaysandnights.net
Photo from the 2013 half marathon.
Image courtesy of timeout.com

3. St. Jude Country Music Nashville Half Marathon 

30,000 runners race in this marathon, enjoying live music performances at every mile. When the race is complete, participants receive free entry into a headlining country concert. Past performers include Brad Paisley, Montgomery Gentry, and Sara Evans. This year’s race is scheduled for April 26th.

Getting into the ‘Merica spirit at the race.
Image courtesy of facebook.com/RnRCountryMusic.
Race in downtown Nashville.
Image courtesy of facebook.com/RnRCountryMusic.


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