So warm me up when it’s all over

Today has been a typical Saturday. My friends and I hopped in the car and headed to Dunkin Donuts. Since last semester, it has grown into a weekly occurrence. The hot coffees help us combat the uncommonly cold weather we’ve been experiencing the past couple of weeks. Or as the Twitter hashtag that’s trending, we’re living in a #polarvortex.

Every time I step outside
Image courtesy of

But today, we’ve received a slight bit of relief. It’s a whopping 19 degrees outside, a heat wave if I’ve ever experienced one. Compared to the -2 degrees that I had to face yesterday morning on my way to work, it feels like we may finally be on the tail end of the vortex. Fingers crossed.

Since I can’t seem to stop complaining about the weather, or in this case rejoicing in the “warmth” we’re experiencing, I figured I’d talk about Jimmy Fallon’s latest “Hashtags” segment. Even the talk show host has been sucked into the vortex.

On Wednesday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the host asked people to submit their versions of weather-appropriate songs using the hashtag #polarvortexsongs. Watch below for the tweets Fallon shared during the segment.

Continuing with the trend, I’ve come up with a few songs to add to the polar vortex playlist. Maybe I’ll tweet one and join in the hashtag.

So warm me up when it’s all over #polarvortexsongs

Winds rushing by, you know how i feel. It’s a cold day, you know how I feel #polarvortexsongs

Temps going down, I’m yelling timber #polarvortexsongs

Now all jokes aside, I’d love to be anywhere that has temperatures above 30 degrees. I went on and checked popular U.S. cities to see if their temperatures are above 30 degrees today. Here’s a list of the places I could go to escape these wretched temperatures.

1. Seattle, Washington

Current temperature: 41 degrees

Seattle, Washington
Image courtesy of

2. Anchorage, Alaska

Current temperature: 34 degrees

Ok, even Alaska is warmer than upstate New York right now. Something is wrong.

Anchorage, Alaska Image courtesy of

3. Denver, Colorado

Current temperature: 58 degrees

I’ve only been out of Colorado for two and a half weeks, and I already miss the weather. I want the sun back.

Driving to Denver in early January.
Driving to Denver in early January.

4. Portland, Oregon

Current temperature: 38 degrees

Portland, Oregon
Image courtesy of

5. St. Petersburg, Florida

Current temperature: 63 degrees

I desperately need to sink my toes in the sand. One of my spring break photos from 2012
I desperately need to sink my toes in the sand. One of my spring break photos from 2012

These places are calling my name, especially because of their warm (in my book) temperatures. Stay warm, everyone. If you’re experiencing sunshine, consider yourself lucky.


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