Colorado, Day 4 & 5

It’s finally time for me to leave Colorado, and I am not looking forward to heading back to the East Coast. I hear there’s white-outs and other extreme winter weather happening in New York. I’m going to miss the Denver sunshine and weather that changes by the hour.

I’m currently sitting in the Denver International Airport, cappuccino in hand and once again situated right by an electrical outlet. I’m telling you, those things are gold while traveling. Once you find an outlet, don’t ever leave that spot. My iPhone battery goes so quickly, especially when I’m blogging. Sorry, sir. I’m not leaving until my flight boards.

The past two days have been so hectic that I didn’t have any free time to blog. So I’ll recap both day four and five in this post.

On Saturday morning, we headed up to Breckenridge for some skiing and shopping in the town. I figured since I had already been in Colorado for a few days, I didn’t have to worry about altitude sickness anymore. I was dead wrong.

On the drive up to the mountains, the intensity of my headache slowly grew as time went on. I finished off two bottles of water in about 20 minutes, yet the headache wasn’t going away. Thank God we stopped at a gas station. Not only did I have to use the restroom, but I grabbed a Clif Bar hoping it would help with the headache. I think it did the trick because I was feeling much better once we reached the timeshare.

The skiing in Breckenridge was so much more intense than New York. Back home, I can easily handle black diamond runs, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything tougher than a blue diamond there. Needless to say, I felt like I got hit by a semi the next morning. Downhill skiing is exhausting.

That night, we relaxed in the outdoor hot tub for a few hours. By the time we got out, our towels and flip flops were frozen and covered with snow, and the walk/run back inside was brutally cold. After a dinner in town, I passed out the minute my head hit the pillow.

My friend Sarah and I at the bottom of the mountain.

We woke up the next morning to falling snow and blustery winds that made the temperature feel like -16 degrees. I’d be damned if I was going to miss another day of skiing though, so my friend and I sucked it up for a few runs. The ride on the ski lift was the worst. I have wind burn on the part of my forehead that wasn’t covered up by my helmet or goggles. It looks like I burned myself with a hair straightener.

There’s a limited time window that my body can withstand the cold, so we soon called it quits with the skiing. I was ready to head into Breckenridge to explore the shops and restaurants that lined the streets. I was on the hunt for a crew neck, and I was not leaving till I found one.

After finding my crew neck and buying t-shirts for friends and family back home, Sarah and I headed to Oscar’s restaurant for lunch. It was happy hour, so we were able to get chicken tacos for only $2.50. At the rate my bank account was dwindling, this was music to my ears. Not only were they cheap, they were the best tacos I’ve ever had. This is coming from a person who generally would choose anything to eat besides Mexican food. I recommend the place if you’re ever in Breckenridge.

I think I pay more attention to a restaurant’s decor than the food. Loved Oscar’s wall decor.

Oh, I almost forgot. Prior to Oscar’s and shopping, Sarah and I headed to the O2 Lounge to combat the altitude. I didn’t even know they had oxygen bars until I came here. I was so infatuated by the concept that I took a picture of the menu. Yes, I paid for oxygen. On the plus side, it was scented for aromatherapy. I chose the aromatherapy that would bring me joy and put a smile on my face. I don’t know if it actually worked, but the rest of my time in Breckenridge was enjoyable if that’s any indication.

Is this a good price to pay for scented oxygen? I only received 15 minutes worth of it so it wouldn’t be costing me too much.

As I reflect on my trip, I can rest easy knowing that I did not waste my money. I’m so grateful for the generosity I received from my friend and her family. They housed and fed me for five days, even paying for my Breckenridge ski passes. I came with the initial intention of visiting a friend and left with a newfound love and appreciation for Colorado and the genuine people who reside there.

I have a feeling I’ll be back in the near future.


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