Colorado, Day 3

I finally explored a little bit of Denver today. My friend took me to what she likes to call a “hipster” cafe. So we ate at City O’ City; most of the food was either vegan or gluten-free. I tried the gluten-free eggs with an Americano, and I was surprised that I actually liked it. My friend didn’t have the same positive experience. Almond milk just wasn’t her thing.

Although the food was all right, it was the aesthetic of City O’ City that really impressed me. I love finding cafés that are eclectic enough to host a clientele that wouldn’t dare go to something as mainstream as Starbucks. The light fixtures were made of bicycle chains and Lite Brites. To say the least, my friend couldn’t stop reaching up and playing with the jellyfish-style fixture.

The light fixtures in City O’ City.

Later on in the day, I headed to Caribou Coffee, a chain I had never been to before. Although I took note of the rustic aesthetic, it was the music playing in the coffee shop that I picked up on. I was right at home with the Lumineers, R.E.V.O., and Of Mice and Men.

I’d love to decorate my future home or apartment like Caribou Coffee one day.

We ended our outing with a quick drive up to Lookout Mountain. My friend had never been up there before despite the fact that she is a Colorado native. I couldn’t get over the breathtaking views and the beautiful homes situated on the mountains. Denver was just a speck in the view. It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to appreciate such a vast amount of beauty.

One of the views from the mountain I took while on the winding roads.

Everyone should experience the views Lookout Mountain provides.

After the sights I’ve seen today, I wouldn’t mind living here year-round. Then again, I say that no matter where I travel.


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