Colorado, Day 2

Now, I’ve only been in Colorado for a little over 48 hours, but I think I’ve hit up almost every Starbucks in the Denver area. The Christmas cups are still being used, yet the holiday is over and there’s no snow on the ground over here. I was expecting to walk into a blizzard for some reason like New York is apparently experiencing right now.

Yesterday, my friend gave me a quick tour of Regis University, the private college she attends. Located in Denver, the Rockies provide one of the most scenic backgrounds for Regis’ students. The day I drove around campus, the sun created a baby blue sky sprinkled with clouds, a sight I’ve only seen on postcards. I wish I had taken a decent photo of it.

Today was a lazy day. My friend and I didn’t head into Denver until a little before 5pm. What should have only been a 20 minute car ride turned into an hour of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Dammit, we forgot about rush hour.

So naturally, we headed to a Starbucks to satisfy my growing caffeine dependence. I’m trying to train myself to drink black coffee, but I have yet to skimp on the cream and sugar. Yes, I’ll have that grande coffee with an extra pump of caramel. Cream and sugar too.

Then we headed to Park Meadows mall, one of the wealthiest malls in America, or so my friend says. I picked myself up a Colorado hoodie and proudly walked around with a “The Colorado Store” bag. Someone get me my fanny pack and camera. Here comes the tourist.

Tomorrow, hopefully neither of us will be as lazy as we were today so we can miss the Denver Rush Hour. I’m planning to do some shopping and cafe-hopping while I’m there.

Balcony view of a fountain in the mall. It’s an exciting picture, I know.

The chapel at Regis University.

My friend Sarah right at home in the driver’s seat with a Starbucks cup in hand. She’s the reason why we’ve been to so many Starbucks in the past two days.

Until tomorrow,

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