Marie Claire introduces me to Burning the Clocks festival

I breathe a sigh of relief as I write this post because it means I have finally caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. Now, I’m left in limbo for two months wondering how April Kepner will respond to Jackson Avery’s daring proclamation of love that interrupted her impending wedding vows. Shonda Rhimes is a creative genius, but I would appreciate it if she stopped adding to my emotional stress with these cliffhangers.

How I feel now that I have to wait till February 27th for Grey’s to start up again.
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I still haven’t done anything too exciting these past couple of days. I’m debating getting sucked into Shondaland once again with Scandal. I finished season one on Netflix, and I know it’s only a matter of time until I’m losing sleep and drinking excessive amounts of coffee to barrel through it. I could wrap my Christmas presents, but let’s face it. I’d only be doing that if I had my priorities straight.

With my daily schedule being cleared since I finished Grey’s, I finally picked up the Marie Claire magazine I bought a month ago right before finals week. I always do this to myself. I’m mesmerized by the glossy covers until I convince myself to spend the little money I have left in my bank account. Never mind the fact that I leave for Colorado in nine days. 

McDreamy is my voice of reason when making these magazine purchases.
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And then I check the diminishing funds in my bank account…
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The December 2013 issue of Marie Claire spotlighted the annual Burning the Clocks festival that takes place on the winter solstice in Brighton, England, about an hour and a half south of London. At the festival, thousands of people gather and light paper lanterns “symbolically filled with hopes and dreams” and then participate in a parade and fireworks show.

The festival took place yesterday, December 21st, and pictures have already been uploaded to its Facebook page.

Lighting paper lanterns at the Burning the Clocks festival 2013.
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Burning the Clocks festival parade 2013.
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Burning the Clocks festival 2013.
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The paper lanterns concept is not new, but the impressive number of participants would make it worth attending. Winter isn’t my favorite season, but this festival would bring a touch of the summer warmth I’ve been missing.


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