5 things I found on the Internet when I took a break from binge-watching Netflix

Since I’ve been home, my daily activities have consisted of eating, binge-watching Netflix, and surfing the Internet. I bounce between Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and YouTube, trying to find anything remotely interesting. I complain of being bored, yet I’m in no way making any effort to find something to do that involves leaving my couch.

This will be me in a few days. It’s only a matter of time.
Image courtesy of gifstumblr.com

I figure since I’ve done absolutely nothing productive the last couple of days, I’ll show you the treasures I’ve come across in between streaming Netflix episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, walking three feet to my kitchen to eat yet another peanut butter buckeye (am I gaining weight?), and stalking on social media whoever happens to peak my interest at the moment.

When someone suggests doing anything that requires me actually abandoning the sedentary lifestyle I’ve created for myself since I’ve been home.
Image courtesy of cristinayan-g.tumblr.com

Enjoy this combination of photos and videos, and be grateful that you most likely have much more important things to do with your time than I do.


Special thanks to my brother for showing me this video. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Amy Poehler caroling on the streets of New York.


I don’t even know how I would react if this happened to me.

3. “12 Reasons New York Does December Better Than Any Other State”

I’m saving my money up for this necessary trip next December.

4. Tipping Etiquette

If only we knew this before heading to London last March. I’m pretty sure my mother left a waiter a 40% tip one day. The sad part is that they forgot to place my brother’s order, the food was subpar, and the dining area we were sitting in was the definition of close quarters. You live and you learn though, right?

5. “35 travel experiences you can’t have in huge groups” 

Below are a few of my favorites from this collection of photographs.

“Diving off the Mostar bridge, Bosnia”
Image courtesy of matadornetwork.com
“Beach camping”
Image courtesy of matadornetwork.com
“Road tripping across America”
Image courtesy of matadornetwork.com
“Rock climbing, Thailand”
Image courtesy of matadornetwork.com


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