Take me to the beach, Jake Owen

As I finish up my last week and a half of the fall semester, I’m going to have to push back yet again my future post about the movie locations for the film The Holiday. Instead of putting effort into my blog, I have to focus all my energy on multiple final papers I have to write. There’s only so much composition one can do in a week. Until I can get back into the swing of things, I’ll leave you with Jake Owen’s video for a song off his brand new album Days of Gold.

The music video for “Beachin'” has me itching to be anywhere but here. I only enjoy the snow when I’m skiing down a mountain. When I’m not riding a chair lift, I long to be on a beach. This week, I’m living vicariously through the video. If you have a love/hate relationship with the snow like I do, hopefully you can too.

The complete Days of Gold album is now available on iTunes for your listening pleasure. Put the Christmas tunes on hold for a little bit and check it out. If you insist on having holiday cheer blast through your headphones, listen to Jake Owen’s version of “Mele Kalikimaka.” It’s a fitting cover for a country singer who seems very at home on the beach.


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