Kanye West, what were you thinking with your new music video?

Kanye West debuted his new music video “Bound 2”  today on The Ellen Show, and I wish I could describe in words the level of confusion and pure disgust I felt while I was watching it. Do yourselves a favor and skip this video before you wish you could get back those two minutes of your life that you wasted. Ok, if you really want to watch it, here it is.

The start of the music video initially had me hopeful. Beautiful establishing shots introduced the video, creating that road trip feel I always crave. We see fast-moving clouds glide over glistening mountains, rushing streams, and wide-open plains. A band of horses gallops across a plain, and a zooming shot of the wide open road creates a sense of nostalgia for my traveler’s soul.

Then Kanye appears in the video, and it’s all downhill from there.

Add Kim Kardashian riding topless on a motorcycle Kanye is driving, and my hopes for this video are crushed in one fell swoop. Instead of enjoying picturesque moving landscapes, I get to watch Kim and Kanye “bump and grind” on top of a stationary motorcycle as the scenery moves behind them. I think my face will be stuck in a grimace all day.

My one question for Kanye is why? Why would he turn such a promising start into a racy finish I could have gone my entire life without seeing? It’s not only a disappointment for Kanye’s true fans, but a hindering of the landscape beauty that could have been part of  an exceptional video – if Kanye had let it.

I read the article about the video premiere on people.com, and viewers’ opinions of the video are also included. This is the general opinion of the music video among people.com readers – and it ain’t good.

image courtesy of people.com
Image courtesy of people.com

I agree with the 871 voters who were angered and disappointed by Kanye’s video. At this point, anything else released by Kanye will be exponentially better than this heaping pile of garbage he just released.

All I can do is cling to those establishing shots and thank him for that. My traveler’s spirit was at least excited in the beginning of the video. I guess that counts for something right?



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