The Pros of a Group Project: Betta Fish Research Turns into a Future Trip to Thailand

During the course of this semester, I’ve had an ongoing group project for my Digital Portfolio class. Our task was to film a short video that we would then spend the rest of the semester trying to increase the number of views the video receives on YouTube through various promotional strategies.

My group decided to use our blogs as a gateway for more views. But I couldn’t figure out how to relate a post to a video that features a betta fish living in a college townhouse and its commentary on daily life. After thinking for a while, I realized that I didn’t know where the betta fish originated from.

It looks like I’m adding Thailand to the bucket list.

Betta Fish
Image courtesy of

Betta fish, or Siamese fighting fish, are native to Asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. They are a type of freshwater fish that have been known to live in the shallow waters of rice paddies. The fish were at one point bred only for fighting since two male fish cannot socially survive together. Then in the 1800s, the King of Siam (now Thailand) licensed and collected the fish. Now, they have become popular in pet stores across the United States. My roommate even has a male betta fish that I have had to care for from time to time.

I must admit that I know very little about Thailand. I remember watching Survivor: Thailand a few years ago, but that’s the only connection to the country that I have. I couldn’t tell you one fact about the culture, and I only have a general idea of where it is located on a map.

My only knowledge of Thailand prior to this post was that Survivor took place in the country 11 years ago.
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Thankfully, I follow a blog that has me excited and hopeful that I will one day set foot in the country that is not only the native home of betta fish but is so naturally beautiful that it would be a shame not to visit it at least once in your lifetime.

The blog Bohemian Lifestyle is described in the blogger Chanel’s About page as “a written account of my daily life, travels, thoughts, personal style, and photography.” Chanel resides in Boise, Idaho but has traveled to places that include California and…you guessed it, Thailand.

I’ve come to love everything about the Bohemian Lifestyle, from Chanel’s fashion insights to her life as portrayed through her camera lens. But what I love most are her travel photos. Through her posts about Thailand, I’ve gained an incredible insight into what I can expect when I hopefully set foot in the country one day.

Wat Arun temple in Thailand. Check out Chanel’s blog for more photos!
Image courtesy of
The temple Wat Pho houses the 160 ft statue “Reclining Buddha.”
Image courtesy of
I think I have to go to Thailand now just to see the elephants.
Image courtesy of

Do yourself a favor and check out her work as a photographer. You won’t be disappointed.

When I first set down to write this post, my goal was to entice you to watch my group’s YouTube video. The more views we get, the better our grade will be at the end of the semester. Now, I can’t stop looking at pictures of Thailand landmarks, culture, and other exciting aspects. I guess I know what I’ll be doing with the rest of my night.

I’d love to learn more about Thailand, so if anyone has any stories about traveling to the country, I’d love to hear about them! And if you want to watch our YouTube video about Luna the betta fish, you can watch it below. It’d be much appreciated!

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “The Pros of a Group Project: Betta Fish Research Turns into a Future Trip to Thailand

  1. Joan

    Well I haven’t been to Thailand but now I may have to go there. Sounds like a good place to visit. Do you think I could take an elephant ride while I am there?

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