Elle Magazine & DJ Chelsea Leyland encourage travel to Berlin

I walked into Walmart the other day accompanying a friend on her shopping trip with no intention of buying anything. I told her I’d be in the entertainment section killing time as I waited for her to get everything on her list. Killing time is the last thing I did however, because I eventually walked out of Walmart with three November magazines in my hand. Between sitting in class, struggling through Stats problems and feasting at my dining hall, I feverishly read through every single page of these magazines. Yes, I even stopped along the way to open those perfume flaps. I love the new Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but I think my parents would close my bank account if they found out I spent $175 on perfume. I’ll just add it to my Christmas list and dream. As I read through Elle’s November issue, I happened upon the article “Going Deutsche,” a piece featuring couple DJ Chelsea Leyland and AHotelLife.com founder Ben Pundole. The pair discuss their frequent visits to Berlin, Germany as a necessary part of their life. “Berlin is like our medicine. If we don’t go there every six months, we get very upset,” Leyland states in the Elle story. Leyland and Pundole recommend staying at the Michaelberger Hotel, shopping at the Mauerpark flee market and dancing at the 24/7 nightclub Berghain.

The Michaelberger Hotel has different styles of rooms, and the one mentioned in the article is a luxe room with a chalet theme. The website explains the room as having “a king-size bed, bathtub by the window and a video projector.” Summing it up, it states that the room is a “romantic, comfy, pretty one.”

The luxe room at the Michaelberger with a chalet theme.  Image courtesy of michaelbergerhotel.com
The luxe room at the Michaelberger with a chalet theme.
Image courtesy of michaelbergerhotel.com.
Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.48.59 PM
It really is “romantic and pretty.”
Image courtesy of michaelbergerhotel.com

Mauerpark flee market offers furniture, clothing and handmade jewelry for those with an eclectic style. It is only open on Sundays from 8am to 6pm, so it is the perfect “Sunday fun day” activity. The website features a photograph of the market and even includes a YouTube video of a Mauerpark band, Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra. I love encountering different vendors at markets or fairs in the hopes of finding unique items.

Mauerpark flea market
Image courtesy of Ji-Elle, Wikimedia Commons.

The nightlife in Berlin must be 10x as intense as in the United States considering the clubs are typically open 24/7. The nightclub Berghain is known as the “cathedral of techno,” according to the Elle article. Although the wait is especially long to get into the club, it must be worth it. Leyland says, “People travel from across the globe to stand in line for up to four hours .” I’ll have to build my stamina up so that I can make it to the early morning hours that Berghain offers. It’s not every day that I will one day be able to go to a 24/7 dance club. Plus, it would be a shame to miss out on the talented DJs that play at the club during the year.

I had never heard of Leyland or Pundole prior to the article, so I did a quick web search for Leyland and looked through her official website and Facebook page. Chelsea incorporates professional modeling photos and personal photos from her Instagram on both pages. I loved the artsy feel of her sites, so I then discovered a YouTube video of her featuring clothing articles from her closet. She seems like a fun and exciting person to be around, and I am going to make it a point of checking out her music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ZvThRpxaw Elle magazine does it once again and makes me want to purchase the next flight out of my local airport. Thanks to the article and the encouragement of Leyland and Pundole, it’s time to officially add Germany to the list. -Morgan Related articles

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