A Buzzfeed Article & Betty White: A Good Source of Travel Encouragement

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and saw that one of my friends shared an article from Buzzfeed entitled “10 Places in the U.S. You’ll Want to Visit Right Now.” The article features photographs from locations that include San Diego, CA, Austin, TX and Seattle, WA. I have yet to go to any of the places listed, but I have been to other parts of Florida besides the two mentioned.

My favorite photo from the article.
San Diego, CA
Image courtesy http://www.buzzfeed.com

I’m getting antsy for my upcoming trip to Denver, CO in January, so I figured I’d share some other U.S. locations I’m hoping to travel to one day. This trip will be the first time I’ll be flying alone; I’m nervous but excited at the same time.

The article reminded me to finally check out Betty White’s new air safety video for the airline Air New Zealand. The video was posted a week ago to the airline’s YouTube page where I found other clever videos the company has posted. I’ve included some of my favorites below.

This video gives me yet another reason to love Betty White.

This could be seen as risky by some, but I’m glad the airline took a chance.

I’m not a Lord of the Rings fan, but I must admit that I like this spoof.

Watching these videos gets me more and more excited for my upcoming trip. After Denver, I’ll be sure to take note of this Buzzfeed article so I can plan my next adventure.


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