Clever Movie Promotion Has Me Itching to Go See ‘Carrie’

I’ve never seen the 1976 movie Carrie, but this recent promotion for the remake of the original has me itching to see both versions. The new Carrie film comes out October 18th and boasts a cast that includes veteran actress Julianne Moore and the young but highly talented Chloe Grace Moretz. I’m a fan of both actresses and have recently started warming up to the horror genre, so I’m already making a note of the movie’s release date in my iPhone calendar.

I happened upon a story on that explained a recent prank that happened to coffee shop patrons in New York City. The now viral video showed an actress pretending to display telekinetic powers. We see her throw a patron against a wall and move tables away from her with the motion of her hands, and we see picture frames and books fall from the wall and shelves at the sound of her ear-piercing screams.

The video was produced by Thinkmodo, a viral video marketing company, to promote the upcoming Carrie remake. I wish I could work for a company that is this creative, and I also wish I had been in the coffee shop that morning to witness the prank in person. If I harbored any hesitations about seeing the movie, they are long gone after watching this prank.

I have yet another place to hit up the next time I’m in New York City. I’ll be sure to make a trip to ‘sNice Coffee Shop in the West Village in the hopes of actually being a part of a viral video prank. The shop opened in 2004, and the menu appeals to those who who prefer vegetarian and vegan options. The website states that ‘sNice has a “relaxed vibe” and is a “destination for vegetarians and healthy-minded people.” I’m not a vegetarian, but I like to think that I’m healthy-minded most of the time.

Location of the “Carrie” Prank
Image courtesy of

When I head to New York City again, I’ll stop in the West Village and order myself a coffee and a vegetarian sandwich from ‘sNice. I’ll sit at one of the tables, pray a “telekinetic” won’t move it on me, and wait for the possibility of being a part of the next viral video prank.


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