Meryl Streep would say I’m an “incubus of viral plague”

For the past few days, I’ve been battling a cold, having finally contracted it from the many other students on campus who are apparently suffering from it too. During the first two days, I only had a sore throat. I tried to reassure myself that my symptoms wouldn’t get any worse if I drank a ton of water and took my gummy multi-vitamins my mother so kindly sent with me to school.

I was wrong. Now as I write this post, I’m all drugged up on DayQuil (well, the generic brand of DayQuil because I didn’t want to spend money on cold remedies in the first place), and I’m sitting on my bed with a tissue box and a water bottle by my side. I have never taken any form of DayQuil or NyQuil before, and let me tell you – it is a Godsend. My first night coughing up a lung without the soothing remedy of NyQuil had me paranoid in thinking that my roommate was going to kill me in my sleep. Thank God I bought the medicine before that happened.

Ideally when I’m sick, I want to hole up in bed and watch movies all day, only occasionally moving to sluggishly drag myself over to the dining hall. Unfortunately, classes get in the way, and I’m forced to sit among my peers and crinkle open cough drop wrappers. Oh, you were wondering who the girl was that opened cough drop after cough drop so loudly that you couldn’t hear the professor? Yeah, that was me.

Anyways, if I had any say in my recovery methods, I would lay in bed and watch the movie The Devil Wears Prada over and over again. I think I’m subconsciously comforted by the character Emily who has to deal with Miranda Priestly on a daily basis, even when she is clearly ill enough to call in sick for the day. If Emily can survive a day of work coughing and blowing her nose while the devil herself calls her an “incubus of viral plague,” I think I can get over my sickness.

I think I would actually be one of the “million girls that would kill for this job.”
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Meryl Streep wins the “Best Actress” Oscar for her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.
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The Devil Wears Prada was one of my first introductions to Meryl Streep. The movie came out in 2006 when I was twelve-years-old, and I had yet to experience the work of an impeccable actress. After seeing her performance in one of my now-favorite movies, I have followed her career ever since. I still have yet to watch all of her films, but it is on my bucket list of things to do. If she’s a 17-time Academy Award nominee, she certainly deserves my attention.

Another reason why I love The Devil Wears Prada is that it takes place in New York City. Nothing excites me more than the Big Apple. If I had the choice, I would live in a crappy, one-bedroom apartment that I’m sure is not worth the thousands of dollars I’m paying per month as long as I could be in the heart of the city. I’m a city girl stuck in the country, and I need to get out.

My friends and I in Times Square, one of the filming locations of The Devil Wears Prada
My friends and I in Times Square, one of the filming locations of The Devil Wears Prada

My goal for tonight is to finish my schoolwork and then pop in The Devil Wears Prada DVD. If anything has healing power, it’s Meryl Streep icily stating that her assistant decided to “become an incubus of viral plague.” I’ll dream of life in New York City and wish that I could be on Fashion Avenue. Take me back to New York because it will never be a travel destination I can successfully say I’ve crossed off my bucket list.


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