Bravo! – Italian Restaurant Does Not Disappoint

Whenever I have a free moment that doesn’t involve the endless amount of homework I’m hurrying to complete, I like to do a little online shopping. I love Wanelo and; the history on my computer is most often comprised of these two sites. Now when I say “online shopping,” I force myself to only dream. I rarely buy anything because I know I’m on that broke college budget.

This weekend was the exception to my rule of not giving in to my inner desire to shop. After a Saturday night out and only four hours of sleep, my roommate and I woke up at 8am to drive an hour and a half to the Walden Galleria Mall, a well-known shopping center in Buffalo, NY. After a successful morning of shopping, we then headed to the restaurant Bravo! that was conveniently located within the mall.

I had never heard of Bravo! before, so my roommate encouraged us to head there for lunch. I’m pleased to say that this “Cucina Italiana”-style restaurant did not disappoint.

When I first walked in, I noticed the warm and inviting lighting of Bravo!’s interior. It provided much-needed relaxation time after an intense couple hours of shopping. We were seated by an accommodating young man, and our waitress provided great service.

I love the color and design of the restaurant's interior.
I love the color and design of the restaurant’s interior.

I especially liked the free bread and olive oil provided by the restaurant. I originally thought that nothing could beat Olive Garden breadsticks, but Bravo! certainly changed my opinion. I can’t help but to wish that we had asked for additional baskets of bread to take back to campus with us.

I wish they would serve this in my college dining hall.
I wish they would serve this in my college dining hall.

The pricing at Bravo! is very reasonable and certainly within my college budget. They also have half portions of their menu items, so I ordered a half-size chicken caesar salad. The portion was just right, and the salad filled me up for the rest of the day.

Overall, my day spent away from campus was very successful. I added items to my fall wardrobe and enjoyed a delicious lunch from a restaurant I would highly recommend. In regards to the restaurant’s namesake, bravo to the “Cucina Italiana” kitchen. Bravo.


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