Dear Avicii – “You Make Me” Want to Roller Skate

My recent obsession with Avicii is slowly getting out of hand. I can’t stop re-watching his iTunes Festival concert that just happened on Friday, and now he has a new video out for a song on his album True that just came out today. So far, Avicii has released videos with creative plots that any artist could be proud of. Avicii’s latest video “You Make Me” is one that yet again does not disappoint.

I just saw a student on campus rollerblading down the sidewalk the other day, and I’ve been itching to get a pair of rollerblades ever since. Avicii’s video just sold me. Mom, I want a pair of rollerblades for Christmas if you’re reading this.

I love the concept of a roller rink and a bar coming together for a unique social event. Granted, you may have to take it easy on the drinking considering you are on roller skates, but you have to be adventurous at some points in your life, right? It’s also a great 70’s and 80’s throwback to the decades of discos and skating; the video made me want stop writing this post and pop in a VHS for the 1979 film Skatetown, USA.

In my quest for rollerskating rinks that house a bar as well, I discovered one on Staten Island called Roller Jam USA. The venue hosts a multitude of activities and events throughout the year. Their website boasts the availability of bounce houses, birthday parties, arcade night, teen dance night, 70’s and 80’s live DJs, and a “21 & over” night every Saturday. This event every weekend looks similar to what is seen in Avicii’s music video. Roller skating plus a full service bar create a different atmosphere than your typical nightlife.

If Avicii’s new music video “You Make Me” doesn’t actually make you want to experience a full service bar while wearing roller skates, then hopefully you can simply appreciate the DJ’s knack for creating interesting music videos. I’ll even leave you with the trailer for Skatetown USA. If you like corny 70’s and 80’s movies, it’s worth the watch.

If anyone has been to a place like Roller Jam USA, I’d love to hear about the experience. I applaud you for your multitasking abilities of rollerskating and holding a drink in your hand.



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