Miranda and the Pink Pistol: An Oklahoma Attraction

Every day, I try to set aside time to do some daily perusing of People.com. I especially love going through the daily “Star Tracks” section of the website, a photo reel of celebrity happenings over the past couple of days. I’m sure there’s better things I could be doing with my time, but I can’t seem to tear myself away from goggling at what airport Angelina is dragging her kids through these days (She just graced Sydney Airport yesterday with her presence).

My favorite country music couple. Ever.
Image courtesy of people.com

The second photo of yesterday’s “Star Tracks” showed Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton being the adorable couple that they are as they celebrated Miranda’s chart-topping hit, “Mama’s Broken Heart.” I’ve been a fan of Miranda Lambert since her early days. I still remember her performance of “Kerosene” at the CMA’s in 2005 when the stage burst into flames around her. At that moment, I realized just how bad-ass she is. And I love it.

After seeing the photo, I remembered that Miranda just opened her new store The Pink Pistol last November 2012. I did a quick Google search and the only place I could get a decent amount of information from was the store’s Facebook page. I was surprised that a country singer of her status did not have a specific website. Then I read the About page, and it all makes sense.

In a very short and sweet manner, The Pink Pistol is described in this way:

Image courtesy of facebook.com/ThePinkPistol
Image courtesy of facebook.com/ThePinkPistol

Even though I was disappointed that I couldn’t do any online ordering for her clothing, her store set-up has given me a reason to visit Oklahoma, a state I know little if anything about. I love how Miranda’s decision to do away with online ordering has allowed the store’s town of Tishomingo to grow. She has proven that she isn’t a self-centered music star who could care less about her impact on society. She is much more than that, and I will continue to support her by purchasing her music and attending her shows. Did I mention she puts on an unforgettable concert? I wear my concert t-shirt with pride.

Who doesn’t want a shirt that has Miranda “holdin’ up her smokin’ gun?”
Photo from Miranda’s concert in 2011

Below are some photos from The Pink Pistol’s Facebook page that have me itching to buy my plane ticket to Oklahoma right now. Some day I’ll accomplish my goal of buying a Pink Pistol shirt. Someday.

A sweet-tooth lover’s dream
Image courtesy of facebook.com/ThePinkPistol
I still have yet to invest in cowboy boots, which gives me another reason to go to the store!
Image courtesy of Facebook.com/ThePinkPistol
Have to get this before next summer.
Image courtesy of Facebook.com/ThePinkPistol

To see more of what Miranda’s store looks like, go to the The Pink Pistol’s Facebook page. Maybe you’ll even “like” the page just like I did the moment I discovered it.

So until I get the opportunity to venture out to Oklahoma, I’ll just pass the time by listening to Miranda. She’s the “fastest girl in town,” and she’s certainly deserving of that title.


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