Never Forget 9/11

I still remember the feel of the carpet beneath my hands as I sat cross-legged on the classroom rug 12 years ago today. I was in second grade, 7 years old and wearing a plaid jumper only private-school children would know. My teacher sat in her rocking chair with immense sadness reflecting in her eyes as she informed us of what will now forever be known as 9/11. In the words of country singer Alan Jackson, “Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?” Even as a seven-year-old, it’s a memory still etched into my mind.

I didn’t have any personal connection to the 9/11 attacks that day. I came home to my family still intact, a gift that I could not grasp at the time. As I grew older with each passing memorial service for 9/11, I realize just how lucky I am to still have two parents to bicker with and a younger brother to boss around. I can’t imagine the heartache, loss and devastation thousands of Americans are feeling today; my thoughts and prayers go out to them through this difficult day and even month.

Because this blog is centered on pop culture and travel, I’ve chosen to showcase two powerful movie scenes that strive to show the despair faced by so many people 12 years ago today. Since they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” I don’t think I could do justice in words to the YouTube clips below. Take a moment by watching these clips to simply – remember.


I’ve personally only seen Remember Me but have had the opportunity to read the novel Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, which is a novel that I highly recommend. But through each of these clips, we can begin to grasp, if only a little bit, the tragedy that is 9/11.

My quick snapshot of the 9/11 Memorial while walking the streets of New York
My quick snapshot of the 9/11 Memorial while walking the streets of New York


This past May, I traveled to New York City for a short sight-seeing trip with my cousins and captured a photograph of the 9/11 Memorial. I have yet to actually go to the Memorial, but at least I could experience the comfort that I’m sure Americans feel in just knowing that this tragedy will never be forgotten.

The next time I’m in New York, the first stop on my trip will be the 9/11 Memorial, for it is something every American should devote their attention to at least once in their lifetime.



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