Travel like Beyoncé (Kind of)

On Sunday morning, my college campus was buzzing about the upcoming Bills vs. Patriots game, so much so that I spotted Bills gear on people everywhere I turned. I’ve always enjoyed watching football, but I have yet to get into it enough to participate in a fantasy football league or have a favorite team. The only game I’ll make sure to watch every year is the Super Bowl. I know, typical right?

How could you not love her?

Even though I do enjoy the “finale” of football season so to speak, I practically hyperventilated during this past Super Bowl performance by Beyoncé. Let’s not even talk about how my whole girls’ dorm floor erupted in screams when Destiny’s Child came on stage.

Beyoncé will always be one of my favorite singers. If you ever happen to see me in my car at a stop light, I’m probably singing a Beyoncé song. I have no shame.

So, how could I not post about Queen B’s birthday this past Wednesday, September 4th? Happy Birthday Beyoncé. I hope you enjoyed your vacation yachting in the Mediterranean. God, I want to be you.

Because I occasionally like to channel my inner Beyoncé, the singer’s birthday vacation seemed like the perfect travel destination to discuss. Dreaming of being on board a superyacht certainly beats attempting to do my statistics homework.

According to E! Online, Beyoncé and family flew into Ibiza, Spain this past Wednesday. During the week, they were aboard the superyacht Galactica Star, a reportedly $50 million dollar beauty, chasing around Blue Ivy and back-floating in the waters off the coast of Stromboli, Italy. Read E! Online‘s article here, and check out some pictures from the vacation.

Beyoncé’s Birthday Vacation

Now for those of us who can’t afford a $350,000 / week yacht, I looked up places to go and things to do in Stromboli, Italy that are within my college budget.

1. Hike Mount Stromboli 

Mount Stromboli Image courtesy of iStockphoto / miralex

-This volcano erupts roughly every 20 minutes, and hiking guides can lead groups of people on a three-hour climb. According to a New York Times article that I’ll link below, one company charges close to 28 euros per person. That’s about $37. Other travel sites I’ve visited had positive reviews of the hike, but the erupting volcano aspect is certainly daunting.

“Hiking Italy, Volcano to Volcano”

2. Stay at the Hotel Villaggio Stromboli 

-After perusing the website, I found a hotel on Stromboli Island that is only 1.4 miles from the main city and only 1 mile from Mount Stromboli. This would be convenient if I actually decided to brave the volcano. The rooms start at 79 euros (about $105) per night, and they come equipped with wi-fi. Unfortunately a surcharge is required for use, so I would most likely be going off the grid during my stay. The pictures of the hotel are gorgeous, with oceanfront views that scream at my inner sea-loving nature.

Did I mention I love the sea?
Image courtesy of
Beautiful view of Mt. Stromboli
Image courtesy of

3. Eat at L’Osservatorio

-This restaurant is actually situated on the volcano, and tourists hike 45 minutes up the trail to both dine and watch the eruptions every 20 minutes. According to, meal prices range from $9-$40, but the real excitement is the volcanic eruptions. See pictures of the incredible view at the link below.

L’Osservatorio Restaurant

I would never have even thought to look up travel information for a place such as Stromboli, Italy prior to reading about Beyoncé’s birthday getaway there. So, I guess I have yet another thing to thank Queen B for other than her music that helps me get through my never-ending study sessions. Thank you Beyoncé for introducing me to a little-known destination (at least to me) that sounds perfect for a sea-loving college student itching to be on board an airplane again.

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