Made in Camden and the iTunes Music Festival

iTunes is a beautiful thing. This much I realized last Tuesday when I began my weekly search for newly released music. I scrolled down the page and saw a countdown of a mere 45 minutes to an upcoming Lumineers concert. My difficult day of sweltering classrooms, crappy dining hall coffee, and endless flights of stairs was going to turn around.

So, I clicked on the countdown and discovered that iTunes is broadcasting 30 nights of live concerts in London through the month of September. Ok, the sad thing is this has been an annual occurrence since 2007. And I call myself a music junkie…

The Lumineers performed at the Roundhouse, a popular London venue that has hosted the festival since 2009. I recently saw them at my local concert venue this past June, and this festival performance was just as amazing. If there’s one album in my iTunes that is over-played, it’s that of the Lumineers. Click on the link below to see a schedule of the artists performing.

iTunes Festival 2013

If you are a UK resident, you have the opportunity to enter and win tickets to the performances. I spent this past Easter holiday in London, and it is a city I’d love to live in at some point in my life. I didn’t get the opportunity to attend a Roundhouse performance, but I have to add it to my bucket list after watching some of this year’s festival performances.

The Roundhouse boasts the inclusion of Made in Camden, a fairly new restaurant that has been receiving positive reviews from critics since its opening in October 2010. The pictures featured on the website prove that the restaurant is the perfect pre-show dining experience.

Simplistic design yet eclectic in appearance

After checking out photos of the restaurant, I looked at the prices of their dinner and drink menus. Prices on the dinner menu range from 5 euros to about 15 euros. In U.S. dollars, it averages between $8 and $24. I then scrolled through their drink menu. I was thoroughly impressed by this menu, so much so that I was chuckling to myself as I read it. Beneath each cocktail name, there is a witty description of the drink. For example, they include warnings as to the “boozy” nature of your glass’ contents. Below are some of my favorite descriptions.

My indecisiveness would love this drink.
My indecisiveness would love this drink.
"Packs a punch"
“Packs a punch”

Even the required “Please Drink Responsibly” tagline is clever.

Please Drink Responsibly

Check out the full drink menu here.

Made in Camden Drinks Menu

As much as I love a good concert, this restaurant looks like it would be the highlight of the trip. The next time I’m in London, I’ll order myself a Good ‘Ol Fashioned Blood Orange, the “most beautiful orangey drink ever,” and revel in the fact that I’m back in one of my favorite cities.


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