Grouplove Leaves Me Tongue Tied: Concert Review

I remember the first time I heard of Grouplove at the start of my senior year of high school. Their album Never Trust a Happy Song dropped in September 2011, and their hit “Tongue Tied” was all over the radio. As a 17-year-old who tried to be one of the cool kids by blasting her car stereo music as she pulled into the school parking lot, this song was one of my go-tos.

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How I thought I looked driving to school my senior year.
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Six years later, I can still call myself a proud fan. After browsing upcoming concerts in the Rochester area, I saw that Grouplove was headlining Rover’s Holiday Hangover, a concert put on by radio station 94.1 The Zone, and they would be joined by four other bands. At a ticket price of only $25, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see a band I’ve loved for so long.

Next thing you know, my cousin, brother, and I hopped in a car and headed to the Main Street Armory for the show. And what a show it was.

As I often like to do with my posts, I’ll spare you a written play-by-play and instead let my photos and concert recap video do the talking. Apologies in advance for the blurriness in a few of them. I clearly couldn’t contain my excitement in the moment.

grouplove concert
Waiting for the concert to start.

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Throwback Thursday: The Happiest Minute(s) of My Life

If you’ve gotten to know me on any sort of personal level, you’ll know that I watch a lot of tv shows. From Grey’s Anatomy and Girls to Chicago P.D. and Westworld, the act of watching these series has given me a brief respite from everyday life, a way to unwind after a long day at work or after a particularly grueling workout. As Abbi from the show Broad City nicely sums up, I often just want to “get home and watch my shows.”

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But, in addition to these mini breaks from life I’ve given myself, I find that I actually am learning valuable lessons from the shows’ characters. I hear Meredith Grey’s voiceovers eloquently summing up what it feels like to suffer a loss, and I see Lena Dunham in Girls normalizing the fact that almost everyone struggles to uncover who they are in their twenties.

It’s these seemingly innocuous moments in the shows that keep me coming back for more. They offer a sense of retrospect on my previous experiences or an opportunity to catalog a series of events that may become more relevant to my life down the road.

This is the very reason why I watch so much tv.

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